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Frequently Asked Questions

Got any burning questions about me or what a date with me might look like? There's a good chance I've answered below. If not, head over to the contact page and shoot me a message. I'm an open book!



How do I know that you're not a scammer and that the photos are really you?

If I had £1 for every time I've been asked this question, I'd have retired long ago. Seriously though, I do appreciate that you want to know I'm the real deal, especially if you've been burned by fake profiles in the past.


So, I've put a lot of effort into verifying my identity in order to put your mind at ease. I'm listed on directories such as Tryst and Scarlet Blue, and you'll see that my images have been verified on these sites. I also have a social media presence on both Twitter and Instagram, along with this site. Now, unless you're Anna Delvey, that's an awful lot of trouble to go to just to scam the occasional deposit from someone. I'm actually a very trustworthy person, just ask my parole officer.


What's your ideal date?

I like long walks on the beach as much as the next gal. That being said, you will always win points with me for originality. Take me to crazy golf, to do an escape room or maybe even axe throwing! Actually, I'm extremely clumsy so I don't suggest that last one, unless you like to live dangerously. I love dates with an activity involved.


Alternatively, I'm always keen to go to bars and restaurants that I might not have tried. There's pretty much nothing I don't eat, so the choice is yours.


I'm also desperate for someone to take me to a West End show, as I adore the theatre and haven't been in quite some time. If you can be the one to help me tick that off my London dates 'to do' list, you won't believe the ways in which I'll show you my gratitude...

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What will we get up to behind closed doors on our date?

Well now, that's a bit of a personal question, isn't it, you cheeky devil? Glad you asked though! What I enjoy varies from partner to partner. For the most part though, I like to go with the flow and let things progress in a way that feels organic and natural. This is what I find to be the most fun and exciting way of exploring each other's desires. However, I understand that there might be some more specific delights that you'd like us to indulge in during out time together. If there's something you'd like for us to do, but are unclear on whether or not I'm ok with it, just ask! I know it can feel a little awkward being blunt about intimate activities, but I promise I'll appreciate your candour and the fact that you want to ensure I'm comfortable with what happens between us, when we're between the sheets.



Are you open to us exploring a kink I have during our date?

Absolutely! I'm an 'I'll try anything once' kinda girl (within reason, of course). In all honesty though, I'm already pretty well versed in getting a little kinky and it's certainly something I really enjoy. 

While I'm more than happy for us to spice things up, I do believe that a certain level of trust needs to be built in order for both parties to feel comfortable when kinks come into play in the bedroom. With this in mind, it's likely that, should this be something you'd like us to explore together, I'd need us to first have a slightly more vanilla encounter so there's ample time to get to know each other before things progress.


What can I expect from our first meeting?

If this is our first encounter then, rest assured, making sure you're comfortable and having fun is of paramount importance to me! If you're feeling nervous then don't worry. I can talk for England so we won't run out of things to chat about. I also like to have a laugh, so might drop in a few bad jokes to break the ice.

I recommend booking at least two hours if it's the first time we've met. That way, we have plenty of time to get to know each other without things feeling rushed. Sometimes it can be good to meet at a bar or restaurant first. That way we can natter over cocktails in a neutral space and let the anticipation build for what's about to happen when we reach our final destination.

*Our final destination being your hotel or my incall. Not to be confused with the movie franchise involving increasingly ridiculous accidents resulting in painful death. 

See? What did I tell you? Paradoxically, I love to lighten the mood with my dark sense of humour. Come for the curves, stay for the stand up routine. 

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What happens if I need to reschedule/ cancel our date?

I completely understand that, despite having the best intentions, sometimes life gets in the way and so you may need to reschedule. As long as you can commit to a new date/ time within two weeks then you won't lose your deposit.

With regards to cancellations, it's not a problem if you need to cancel but your deposit will not be refunded. If you cancel within 24 hours of our arranged meeting time then this will incur a charge of the full amount of the booking.

I will always respect your time so all I ask is that this goes both ways. If you have to cancel on me and feel awful about it then you can absolutely make it up to me. I take apologies in cash *winks at you*.


You seem like the kind of woman who enjoys the finer things in life. Is that true?

Yes and no! I've been fortunate enough to dine at some of London's fanciest restaurants and, as I consider myself a foodie, I treasure those experiences. However, I also love wandering around a market, sampling all the street food and washing it down with a cold beer. So, take me to a Michelin starred restaurant for an incredible tasting menu or on a quest to find the best slice of pizza that this fair city has to offer. Either way: I'm game.



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I'd love to bring a gift for you to our date. What would you like?

Oh gosh, that's so sweet of you. And so unexpected! Nothing gets me hotter than someone who goes out of their way to make me feel special. 

I love fresh flowers (peonies are my favourite) and so they will always be well received. I like plants too but am legitimately terrible at keeping them alive so, if that's the route you choose to go down, can I suggest a cactus? I also love champagne, whiskey or a hamper of delicious food items. Cheese is my kryptonite.

If you're really looking to push the boat out then take inspiration from my list of favourites (below) or simply ask me! It's always nice to receive a surprise but, equally, I'm more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

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Wanna know a bit more about me? The things we like say a lot about us. So, these are a few of my favourite things....

Favourite cuisine: Mexican, French or Italian

Favourite designer brands: Versace, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Gucci

Favourite jewellery: Vivienne Westwood, Bulgari

Favourite shoes: Jimmy Choo (size 37.5)

Favourite movie: Shallow Grave, Submarine, Fight Club

Favourite holiday destination: Mexico 

Favourite type of music: 80's Indie, old school Hip Hop and R&B, acid house

Favourite lingerie: Coco De Mere, Bordelle, Agent Provocateur (bra size 32DD, knickers and suspender belts size S)

Favourite book: The Rum Diary by Hunter S Thompson

Favourite position: CEO

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