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One thing you should know about me is that I play VERY well with others and so adore duos. Wanna make things really interesting by adding a third (or more) into the mix? Here's a list of some of my favourite playmates, who I'd be more than happy to have join us on our date.


Sadie Scott

High cheekbones and low cut tops, if her blue eyes don’t cut right through you, her wit certainly will. A master flirt and unapologetic in her desire, in short, Sadie’s someone who’s fun to have around and even harder not to.

Elle Stone

Sensual, intuitive and intoxicating, Elle is a decadent and heady concoction, that will leave you with the most delicious aftertaste and a thirst for more. Her depth and intelligence means she always creates the most perfectly delicious experience, that you didn’t even know you needed! Dive deeply into her sensuality, creativity and power and you may never want to leave..


Lily Watson

Sparkling blonde playmate with blue eyes and a bombshell little figure. 


Elle Voss

Elle is the height (pun intended, she’s quite tall) of modern pre-raphaelite looks: thick  golden-brown hair, smooth skin with a natural blush and expressive hazel eyes. Her warmth, intelligence and wit are sure to set you at ease even if she’s the only one laughing at her own jokes.


Grace Gardiner

Flexible in body and virtue, Grace has a heart of gold and might appear angelic on the outside, but (barely) contained behind a mischievous grin is a quick-witted hedonist with a thirst for exciting experiences.


Tabitha Jones

Tabitha Jones, The goddess of all things splosh and pleasure, a siren of wicked humour, angelic glances and a body of curves that evoke all the mundanity of life to slip into the darkness. Sensual dates will have the hostess of the hour leaving a very sweet taste in your mouth and maybe hers. 


Annika Sofia

Annika Sofia, a sensualist and adventurous down-to-earth companion from Scandinavia. If you're looking for a companion that will make you feel spoiled and taken care of, look no further. Whether you are new to enjoying time with a companion or not, let her take you on a ride - she's here to guide you. Based in Copenhagen, but available worldwide by appointment.

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