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Hi, I’m Faye!


If you look up the expression ‘pocket rocket’ in the dictionary, you’ll be greeted by a big picture of my face. This 5ft 3 femme fatale is at your service. I adore meeting new people and hearing from different perspectives. Conversation is what I do best (well…. maybe second best) and so you can guarantee that small talk about London weather is off the table when you’re with me. However, if you’re more the strong, silent type then fear not! I’m equally more than happy to keep the chat to a minimum and let my natural, DD cup breasts do the talking instead. 

I'm originally from a tiny village in the Midlands but have grown up to be very much a city girl and London now feels far more like home than anywhere else. I'm truly passionate about what an incredible place it is and so am always on hand with restaurant/activity suggestions. I flew the nest when it was time for university and so feel free to ask me about the degree I've never used, during our time together. Since then, I've travelled extensively and spent a number of years living abroad in Hungary and Australia, before eventually settling back in the UK. These experiences had a huge impact on the woman I am today and I'm a firm believer that everyone should take any opportunity they get, to immerse themselves in another country's culture. 

Got an evening free? Let’s get to know each other over dinner and drinks, followed by the most moreish dessert you’ve ever tasted. Insanely busy? Then pencil me in for a few hours between meetings, and I’ll make sure you head back to the office with a devilish grin on your face. 

If any of the above sounds appealing then feel free to reach out to me...

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